Beat Fire - Edm Gun Music Game 1.4.02

Music Game – Shoot Down the Falling Tiles

Are you a fan of EDM music? Do you like playing music rhythm games? If yes, then this music game is the perfect fit for you. Beat Fire is a captivating game in which you get to follow along to the beats of EDM tracks by shooting falling tiles. It offers a unique twist on the traditional rhythm game genre, incorporating shooting elements that sync perfectly with the pulsating beats. The synchronization between the music and gameplay elements is impeccable, enhancing the overall immersion. Playing each song is an audio-visual delight, which can be magnified by using headphones. Your goal in this game is to take aim at the tiles using a variety of guns and shoot them down one by one as they fall from the top.
Beat Fire
Beat Fire has addictive and immersive gameplay. From a visual standpoint, this music game impresses with its vibrant and visually stimulating graphics. The neon-infused environments pulsate and evolve in tandem with the music, creating a mesmerizing backdrop that complements the energetic gameplay. The interface is sleek and user-friendly, allowing you to focus on the gameplay without distractions. This game’s core concept revolves around aiming and shooting in time with the music. As tiles cascade down the screen in sync with the beats, you must hold and drag you finger on the screen to shoot at the right moment. You must continue shooting the tiles until the song ends. The incorporation of shooting mechanics adds a dynamic layer of engagement, elevating the experience beyond mere tapping games.
Beat Fire
This music game has a diverse and electrifying soundtrack. With a vast collection of EDM, electronic, and dance tracks from renowned artists, you are treated to an audio feast that spans various sub-genres, ensuring there's something for every musical taste. However, only a handful of the tracks are available at the start of the game. You will have to unlock the remaining tracks either by watching video ads or by spending coins. These coins can be earned by completing songs. You can earn extra coins by watching video ads. In Beat Fire, you get three lives when playing a song. You lose a life each time you miss shooting a tile. Losing all three lives will end the game. You can revive yourself by watching a video ad.
Beat Fire
Beat Fire offers 4 difficulty modes for each song you play. The easy mode is ideal for beginners while the normal and hard modes are for more seasoned players. If you want more of a challenge then you can try the endless mode. Aside from playing entire songs, this music game provides stages for you to complete as well. While the gameplay remains the same in these stages you only get a single life for each stage. Make one mistake and your game will be over. Beat Fire also offers a variety of customization options to you. There are plenty of guns, backgrounds, and tiles for you to choose from. Some of them are available for free while others can be unlocked by watching a video ad.


  • A nice collection of EDM tracks
  • Shoot tiles as they fall from the top
  • Complete songs to earn coins
  • A limited number of lives available
  • Multiple difficulty modes to choose from
  • Earn coins by completing stages
  • Various customization options on offer


Beat Fire is a game for music lovers who have a particular interest in EDM. It successfully marries rhythm-based gameplay with shooting mechanics, delivering a thrilling and immersive experience. You will enjoy hearing the gun sounds along with the beats of the EDM songs from your favorite artists in this music game.

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